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How to fold socks Skills Explain how to collect socks

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Socks as an indispensable part of daily life, its collection is also a very troublesome thing. Often unconsciously, you will find that there is only one sock left. Either it takes half a day for a sock to find a sock, or the socks occupy a lot of land. All kinds of problems follow. Next Moquan will teach you how to tidy your socks, so that socks can be better accepted, so that you will never bother looking for socks!
Method 1
The socks are two. It is important to fold them properly if they are to be accepted neatly. First, align the left and right socks, fold them up at 1/3 of the socks, try to divide them into three equal parts, and then turn the sock of one sock out and cover two socks. Such folding method can be neatly placed in storage, save space, and be easy to take when wearing.
Place the boat socks on top of each other, then put one sock in the other sock, roll it up from the bottom, and cover the rolled part with the sock when it's almost rolled up to the sock mouth.
Method 2
Place two pairs of socks together, roll them up from the bottom and put them in the receiving box. It can also be folded and put in as one by one.