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How to stack socks socks skills illustration socks storage skills in detail

Socks regard daily life as indispensable accessory, its receive also is the thing that expends brains very much. Often can not consciously found socks only left one, or is the socks to find a socks to spend a long time, or socks is really cover an area of very, all kinds of problems as they come! Below the ink spring will teach you how to sort socks, socks better storage, so that you will not be bothered to find socks from now on!

Methods a

Socks come in pairs, so it's important to fold them properly if you want to store them neatly. First of all, align the left and right socks, fold them up at 1/3 of the socks, try to divide them into 3 equal parts, and then turn the top of one sock out over the two socks. Such folding method in storage can be neatly placed, saving space, wearing will also be convenient to take.

Place one sock on top of the other and roll it up from the bottom until it reaches the top of the sock.

Method 2

Place two pairs of socks on top of each other, roll them from the bottom, stand them up and place them in a storage container. You can fold it up like method 1 and put it in.

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