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Shu Ran socks into Taobao

Shuran brand was founded in 2005, after scientific research and accurate analysis of the market, set up a brand operation center, completely on the road of brand development strategy. After three years of exploration, HuiFeng hosiery socks at home and abroad market products production process, raw material structure and product design were analyzed, and the integrated study on the domestic and foreign famous hosiery brand, gradually formed unique idea -- do domestic business leader in men's socks, proprietary brand of shu, focus on creating business men socks, shape man leisurely, undoubtedly the hero.

After entering the 21st century, domestic e-commerce has developed rapidly, and the industry has complied with the trend. In 2011, the e-commerce Center was established to carry out product marketing from multiple angles and diversified ways, and comprehensively build brand effect. Now it owns the brands shuran, Feiyada, Silver Toe and Silver Ring, and with rich experience in brand management and market operation to promote the faster and better development of the enterprise.

In 2014, the company decided to launch its products on Taobao.com, aiming to provide consumers with convenient and time-saving shopping experience.

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